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I wanted to let everyone know that Discovery Channel is having the "Gold Fever" premiere this Friday - Oct. 11th...it's a miniseries that looks interesting.

My wife's second cousin is the character of William Walker.

Here's the trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d0RgzwDwnQ

I will be watching...hope it's not a dud!

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That is an interesting trailer. I think we all have read enough about the Gold Rush to know that a lot of horrible things happened and many of them were not legal. Claims were taken by force and people were killed because of their race, religion and country of origin. If they are telling the true story it will include some of this and not always be the prettiest or cleanest language.

They can't say it all like it is but they can put an 'edge' on it. Don't make it too slick.


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