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Teen Faces Felony Charges For Possessing Tackle Box
Man-Fishing-Old-SC-300x237.jpgPublic school policies designed to keep weapons off campus have expanded so grotesquely students are now being punished for the most innocuous reasons imaginable. For example, 17-year-old Cody Chitwood could face a 10-year prison term and $10,000 in fines for keeping a tackle box in his car.

Although some of the contents could, like almost anything, be used as a weapon, the prospective U.S. airman didn’t bring any of the fishing supplies with him from his vehicle. Chitwood, a senior at Cobb County High School in Georgia, is simply a fishing enthusiast.

In decades past, it might have been unusual to see a rural high school senior without a tackle box in his car. Today’s irrational leftists now consider such behavior a felony.

Police found the box of lures during a random vehicle sweep recently, during which they were able to secure a search warrant and ultimately tear through Chitwood’s car. He cooperated with authorities, turning himself in and only being released after securing $1,000 bond.

In quite the understatement, Chitwood called the ordeal “pretty ridiculous,” saying he just wants to resolve the issue “so I can still get in the Air Force.”

He has been forced to hire an attorney to combat a frivolous charge that could quite literally ruin his future. Such is the nature of the ‘no-tolerance’ beast; when authorities are not permitted the latitude to use common sense, innocent people face the consequences.

Teenagers should not be expected to anticipate what might or might not be considered a weapon on any given day. Even more importantly, if a child guesses wrong one day by packing his fishing pole, he should not be labeled a felon.

–Western Journalism staff writer

Photo Credit: Standard Compliant"

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Yup ... My guess would be that knife was a filet type, fixed blade about 6-7" blade ... in a leather or wood sheath ... all of us that fish have one or more of those knives! If it never went out of the car even though on school property what the LL is the harm? Oh never mind I lived in a different time zone when common sense prevailed!

Mike F

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If I remember right, I was brought up with a rifle was to tool and even Entertainment. Much better then a Video game. At five years old, I had shot one more the a few hundred times and taught the basic safety Ideas. A single shot nothing in the chamber you never crossed a fence with it in hand. Set it on the other side and then get your self there. Always empty until you see what your after. Then you kept the Safety on until you was ready to do the finger on the Trigger thing. At Five Years old my dad cut me loose on our property to do what I wanted and needed to do with the .22. Pocket full of .22 Shorts I was out there having a Blast. I was a Big Man. I never liked Rabbet but my Mom Did and I brought home more then a few of them. Non was more then One Shot. Ammo back then was pricy . Now your lucky if you can find some. Dad came up with a Box of 50 once a month for me. Always had some left over . He didn't know it but I had a few hundred stashed away. I guess old habit's are hard to Break.

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