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Weekend at Rich Hill


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Hey all:
Well dad and I went up to Rich Hill Fri-Sun.

We hauled up 50 gallons of water to use the trommel. Also had the 4runner loaded with the back up scooter.....wanted to try it out in the dirt since I fixed it all up. Thing works great!

So, we hit a spot dad poped a nug out of last dec. and came up with a couple of flakes. Detected the rest of the day and helped clean up RH.

That night we met up with Mike Furness and Bill from texas. We ate like little piglets!!! Pork boulgoi, beef short ribs, middle eastern chicken...but I forgot to put the dang Kimchee out. You guy missed it that. Spent the rest of the night at the fire...good times! In spite of your second flat Bill! :)

Second day....hit a spot with the trommel that we got some good drywash gold out of last year and got a few more flakes. Detected the rest of the day and helped clean up RH even more!

So, got back to camp and we drownded our skunk sorrows in food and beer. About 11 pm we set up a ramp and I did a couple of jumps over the RV on the tote goat......ok...I have to work on my photoshop a little more. :P

Sunday....did a little detecting and gave up around noon. Just too beat up and tired. Packed up, went to Anitas in WIckenburg...ate like little piglets again and drove home.

Was a great weekend out!!! Really windy at night. Had to put jacks under the RV to stop it from swaying around. Then pick all our stuff up in the morning. :)

Saw a cool tralanchula. Just mosying around.

Good Lord blessed us with a good time out....not any gold to speak of but a good safe camp out.
Tom H.










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Looks like a pretty good time guys ...I`m sure the weather was nice too.... :)

Glad to see Mike & Bill got a dose of Tom & Toms hospitality ( It`s second to none) Great pics and you got some good air Tom ! :oregonian_winesmiley:

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Yup! Looks like ya'll had a great time. Thank's for sharing and yup you need to practice a little more on that photo shop...lol

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Don ... The food was excellent ... the table was pretty much barren after the 4 of us attacked it.

Ant Man ... You would have been welcome.

HJ ... Truer words have never been spoken!

Mike F

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Man Oh Man, I do Kebabs. My Best Kebabs are Porter House Steaks cut in strips. Canned New Potatoes, Garlic , Green Chili, and rubbed down with Zinzika ( a mix of Real Yogurt, Goat Cheese, Q cumber, Garlic and Onion).

But Did you find any Gold? Even if it was just a flake or to would be good to see.

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