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Far out! That is the only piece of equipment I don't have yet for my ATX.

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S. Sgt glad to see you have an ATX.....I got to play with one for about an hour before Garrett started sending the out to their distributors.....a sweet machine for sure.

Today went beeping to are area that was burned off about five months ago so now the weeds are only about 6" high....here that is like bare ground there....

In the hills here are many 100's of past dozer scrapes....today in one of the scrapes about two years old was three new BIG holes that someone dug.....in a scrape that's already been dug about one foot deep and then holes that are later dug two feet deep means for sure gold was found. Don't know who or what machine they were using but my guess was a Minelab GPX 5000, I honestly believe that the ATX with the 20" mono could do the same.

I have a buddy in Okla. that bought the ATX with all three coils and he'll be here in Feb. I'll for sure give him some areas to test.

How far do you live from Garland, the Garrett factory?

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