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Lavic Lake Jasper

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Took a trip up to Lavic Lake looking for jasper today. Before we got there I decided to stop at a fairly random hilltop along old 66. Found lots of bits of chalcedony, some nice jasper, and a few agates. I had a tough time explaining to the girlfriend that we didn't have to pick up every little bit we saw because there was a lot more, and larger pieces where we were going. She probably picked up 20 pounds of stuff barely fit for tumbling.

After that adventure, we finally headed on over to Lavic Lake. Most of what I found was run of the mill red/brown jasper. I found a few small bits of the golden brecciated stuff but nothing worth writing home about. The girlfriend had the find if the day here today. On the way back to the car she dug out a nice big chunk of the brecciated stuff. We should get several nice slabs of this piece.


And here's a nice but small piece from the first site we stopped at.


All in all we got lots of nice material to work with.

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d_day ,

That is an exceptional chunk of Lavic jasper! People who have never saw a cabochon made from it are surprised how beautiful it is!

I used to use it for large Cabs for Rodeo belt buckles. I had a 5 gallon bucket of nice pieces that I collected years back, unfortunately it was lost when my house burned in 2012.

Good Luck with cutting it!


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El Dorado, it's easy getting there as long as you have the correct directions. Lavic road used to cross the tracks but a few years back BNSF took the crossing out. Here's the easiest way to get there now.

From Barstow head east on 40. Take the Hector Road exit and turn right. Turn left at National Trails Highway. Where National Trails Highway crosses the tracks, make a right turn onto the dirt road that runs next to the tracks. Take this road until you get to Lavic Road where you will turn right. Park at any spot that looks good to you and start looking. There is jasper all over literally for miles. The farther away from the road you get, the larger the pieces you will find.

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I should add a warning though. The area borders 29 Palms marine base. If you go far enough, you may see some unexploded ordnance. If you see something cylindrical, stay the hell away.

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There's quite a bit of variety. The one I had slabbed is a little tougher to find but it's there. Most of what's there is fairly pedestrian red/brown. There's also been some really bright red with chalcedony stringers, but the only piece of that I've found was a heel someone knocked off of a larger piece. Here are some picture of what can be found there. I couldn't find the bright red/white piece so there's no picture of that.

The last picture is of the road surface of old route 66. Look closely near the center. There was so much jasper in this area that there's a lot of it in the road.







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I remember many times driving out to Lavic Lake and setting just outside the border of the Live Fire Range and watching the explosions of the missiles launched from aircraft at targets on the southern portion of the lake bed. When I was younger I lived in Newberry Springs and our back porch faced east towards the lake. I used to sit outside at night during their training exercises and watch the flares light up the sky. Then we had the big Hector Earthquake in 1999 and I went out after the USGS had left the area to see the 6 foot wide crack in the ground it had left. Got out onto the road that leads towards the lake and saw that "Unexploded Ordinance" sign and decided a crack in the ground wasn't worth my life. I never knew that there were those kinds of stones in that area. I live in Barstow and am always out in that direction. If you ever want some hunting company I would be more than willing to assist. I promised my lady that I would buy her a rock tumbler after the first of the year because she loves to rock hunt and wants to start polishing some of her stones. The bad thing is that she has no interest in selling them so my house is starting to look like some sort of ill-mannered Geological Museum with a blind curator. :tisk-tisk:


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Next time I'm headed out to Lavic I'll definitely let you know. The stuff is everywhere out there, and it's regarded as some of the most beautiful jasper around. It is very hard and takes s great polish. Right now it doesn't matter that I have a big pile of it. I want more!

Great story about the military exsercizes and the earthquake.

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