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Received this from Garrett.....it's not 100% finished yet but it looks good for starters....

Henry Tellez

VP Dir-International Sales & Mkt.

Telephone: 972 494 6151
Fax: 972 494 1881

International Fax - 214 703 8730

Visit our website: www.garrett.com



The PDF attachment: 1534000.A.ATX_Manual_LR.PDF (5.30 MB)


I received this from Garrett as a PDF attachment in an email, so it won't open here but I have also turned the PDF document into a Word document so when I figure out how to post it here I will do it.

Edit (a link has been added to a site to open the file then it can be saved, on the linked site click on the download link that has the Adobe PDF symbol above it and says, "Download original PDF file", anyone wishing to download/save the PDF file should do so before closing the file.)

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I know it's too early to say, but does the Garret ATX sound like it will be a winner for nugget-hunting? At half the price of a Minelab, I wondering if it will reach the nuggs like the Minelabs do. It seems like a great all around machine..water, beaches, relics and nugget-hunting. I would like to see it go head to head with a Minelab, perhaps someone will do a test with buried nuggets in sizes from .5 grams to an ounce.

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RH2 like you say not enough time on the machine but I was surprised at how small a nugget a coil that size would pick up. It out did my 4000 with a Coiltek Joey coil and I thought that was pretty amazing for a DD coil that big.

The rep says this machine was one of the first test machines that went out to dealers for testing and feed back and the production model has had some positive changes done to it. The only DD coil that I have to test against the 12" ATX would be one of my Minelab 11" DD coils but even that should be interesting.

Wish I could be of more help.....

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I got your email with the PDF file for the manual.

I edited your first post and added a link so anyone can access the file read it and/or save it if they wish, on the linked site click on the download link that has the Adobe PDF symbol above it and says, "Download original PDF file".

I'm sure there're many who would love to check the manual out to get a better idea of what the ATX is, thanks for getting this out, I haven't been able to find the manual online as of yet, but it's out there now, good job!

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Thanks Garimpo, it seems like all new detectors we just have to deal with it in a wait and see approach. Once the product gets out, I I am sure we will hear how well it does in the field. I like some of the features like how it collapses, its compact and easy to pack and go when traveling. It appears rugged and tough..too.I will keep my eyes and ears open on all new data that comes out in the near future.

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