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It seems the NRA is now affilated with Bad?

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Improperly eaten pop tarts are a serious problem too. Freedoms of all kinds are being attacked by the liberals. Another student who's big bro is a Marine was wearing a Marine tshirt to school and they gave him a choice to wear it inside out or go home. His Dad reamed the principal with a powerfully attorney. If I had school aged kids they would never be in public school!

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Betcha they would learn how to manage a government pretty quick if Mommy had to stay home from work to take care of the kids while they argued about stuff.

A while back we had a post about loading vienna sausages into a twelve gauge and blasting someone who really deserved it. I. enjoy shooting the shotgun and can provide the chorizo to shoot every one of those fat butted slimeballs in the chamber. In times like these failure is not an option and tthey have failed. Miserably. Blast them all in the backside wwith a high speed tube steak and send them back to their mansions and big carrs. We can't afford to feed this deadwood any longer. They cost us more than all the welfare, illegals and druggies combined.

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