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A couple of new travelers

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One for me and one for the Mrs, I got a S&W M&P Shield 9mm as it is less bulky for a CCW, Still kept my G26. The nine was right on right out of the box. 1st six shots rapid fire at 25' knocked over the 6 8" steel plates. Did some window dressing to make the lettering stand out.

Mrs got a S&W Bodyguard .380 w/ laser. Had to do some adjusting on the laser to get it in line with the sights at 25'. .

Both are great shooters, compact, light weight and easy to carry.



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Nice, Al ... That M&P is sweet ... I've got a P 95 that I really like, but Dodacious and I both carry Ruger LCP .380's full time ... Love them ...Within 60' we've got it covered ... My only complaint is that mine keeps getting a bit rusty from sweaty pockets after a couple hard day's hunting ... Have to clean up and re-blue every month or two ... Her's doesn't have the problem 'cause ladies don't sweat ... "They glisten" ....! .... :4chsmu1: ... Cheers, Unc

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Great varmit weapons. Just went to Reno and saw the worlds largest sporting goods store in Sparks called SCHELLS I believe. Many 1,000s a rifles and just as many models of pistols from every maker on the planet. Museum piece showroom also with new used in yet another. Massive 5 stories with a biplane in the lobby,massive fish tanks you walk through,ferris wheel in the middle 5 story atrium and a BAZILLION sporting goods for each and every sport known to man. Amazing place a MUST see in Reno. John

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