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just for BB ... my plans for a trip east for the elusive whitetail

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November is almost here ... one of my 2 or three favorite times of the year ... Whitetail Deer Camp back in my old stopping grounds in NH and ME. The second weekend of November I will be spending a week hunting southern NH with my kayak fishing buddy and right after that I will be spending 2 weeks in Maine in the North Maine Woods hunting 200 pound plus bucks in some of the wildest country left in Maine. not much to tell right now other than the hunt in NH will be with a muzzle loader as it is a shotgun only area due to population but NH allows muzzleloaders of all types including scope mounted modern inline rifles. Mine uses 3 pyrodex(modern black powder substitute for the uninitiated) pellets and a saboted 45 caliber bullet. Now I know and other shooters of the same set-up know that the ballistics on such a gun are not much different than a rifle and has similar range to a 30-30 fired out of a model 94 Winchester. Why it is considered a 'reasonable' substitute for a shotgun is beyond me but then again I'm not complaining ... I like shooting my 'smoke pole'! What is nice about hunting part of southern NH is that after you shoot your first deer you can get a zone M doe tag for a second deer because there are that many deer over crowding eastern Rockingham County where I used to live before moving to AZ years ago.

Now the northern Maine trip takes a little longer because the deer are few and far between if you see one at all ... it is Bucks only ... 0ne buck ... up there ... and all the coyotes you can shoot! Many years my brother and I have struck out on our hunts there but the challenge to get a trophy 200+ pound dressed 8-12 points (Eastern count is all the points on both sides of the rack not just one side like western count) heavy racked deer in the 175 to 200 B&C points. roads are few and it is possible in some parts to walk 0-5 miles and not cross a currently used road. There are many old tote roads used in the old days of logging when a pair of horses or mules and occasionally a pair of oxen were the skidder. The country is wild and very thick hemlock and cedar 2nd and 3rd growth timber with a few black (meaning dark from lack of natural light getting through the cedars) swamps when you aren't expecting them! Not the kind of country you want to be out in without provisions for an unexpected overnight. And definitely a place a hunter needs to know how to read a compass and a map rather than just relying on his GPS ... oh yeah ... carry the darn map and compass with you ... no good if you need it and its back at camp!

More to come on my return in December.

That what you are looking for BB? :4chsmu1::old: ---Mike F

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Thanks for the post! You are a real diplomat.

I like to hunt with an inline rifle too. A TC Encore .50 with a saboted .44 or .45 bullet. Have had terrible results with Hornady muzzleloader bullets sovnow I shoot Barnes and Noslers. 280 Grain and 310 grain over a weighed charge of Pyrodex select. My rifle will spit them all within an inch at 100 yards and still be behind the crosshairs at 200. The in line rifles are sweet shooters and way too much fun.

Here we have seasons all winter and bow and muzzleloader can hunt during the elk rut. If you get lucky you can draw a deer tag too. So our hunts are usually the last couple weeks in September for deer, elk, grouse and turkey.

I have always heard about the New England deer hunting. I know lots of guys who come out here to hunt that started back east somewhere. There sure is a particular breed of Yankee hunter that I admire.

If you ever get a hankerin to hunt out west let me know. There are lots of public land hunts here that are cheap and rewarding.

I hope you get your freezer stuffed full and have the time of your life. I can't wait to see the pictures!

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Bob ... I tried this year to draw either an Elk or Antelope tag for ML season here in AZ ... first season of eligibility for AZ resident tag ... failed on both! Will try the draw again come January for the fall 2014 season. What is the deal with tags for NM? Public land tags for non-res over the counter? I've seen and heard big Elk coming from NM in the last few years. Hunting northern Maine is tough hunting and only about a 20-22% success rate overall for that part of the state but I think as long as I can walk the mountains and trudge through the swamps I will keep at it. ---Mike F

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The public land tags are a lottery. Private land permits you buy from a land owner and then you get a tag. You apply for each specific weapon and area and date. So if you go for the right gun/date/area it is a sure bet to get a tag. The wrong area and it is just luck. There is a list of landowner tags and you can sometimes get one for free. Other times yoou gotta bleed heavily for one. It just depends on who you talk to.

We reserve a very large number of public tags for out of state hunters. The odds are better for out of staters than residents to draw. And if you plan on a guided hunt the odds are even better.

We have lots of other great hunts like Gemsbok (Oryx), Audad (Barbary sheep), Ibex, javelina and wild hog. All except Gemsbok is easy to get and inexpensive or even free.

So consider it. The really good areas are almost 100% kills on giant animals.

My sons brother and law killed a huge bull in the Zuni mountains near Gallup this season. It will be on top of the books in a couple of months. If he isn't the biggest he will be darn close. He killed one last season that was as big as a pack mule but was not big enough for a record.

Last week we called several in. A couple of whopper mossbacks with seven on each side. We saw hundreds of elk and helped pack out a big 6x6 that took two mules to carry. Not a record buster but he was almost 40 Inchez acrosss and four feet high with knobs all over the horns. A real beauty.

But I digress...The deer hunt back east is the topic and I hope you bag one with a neck like a linebacker! We can talk giant Nnew Mexico elk after you get back from your hunt.

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