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Group outings??

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I've read about a potential Franconia outing 12/13-14. And another outing at Gold Basin...when? If there are outings at these two locations a few weeks or so apart, that presents a problem for people like me. I'm 5-6 hours away from both locations, and can't see spending the driving time and money to go that frequently. I like the idea of outings at these sites, but not close together. What's the plan. Anybody know?


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Bill's official outing is the first week in November.

I have tried to make a 'mostly meteorite' outing when there was going to be a meteor shower and the comet was to be in view. The comet may not show but the meteor shower is still on.

Franconia was the place I picked.

I'll probably go to both outings. I'm going to a different outing this coming weekend and I went to a clean-up outing last weekend.

Go to the outings of your choice because I am skipping other outings also.


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Thanks Mike...pretty stupid of me to forget about posting of outings.

Now I'm going to look up San Domingo. Never heard of that place.

Thanks again, Karl

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