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Solid cover for open spoke

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I had a couple extra NFA 17E skid plates so I decided to make one of them a solid. Instead of making one big cover ,I made inserts for the open holes. Silicone was used to hold the plexi inserts in.. Cant wait to get out and try it. It does feel pretty darn strong when I push on it so all should be good.

The drawback is the weight increase--

Before: 3.1 oz

After: 8.3 oz


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The only way I know to have a full cover and save on the weight is get ahold of the thinnest plastic you can like what the cover is made from and cut to the oval shape then tape it on around the edge like a full cover would be.
Looks like you did a good job on that one but I'm not sure about the silicone against the plastic material, if it will stay bonded. Silicone doesn't like to stick to some plastics.

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Frank ,

I agree with you on the silicone subject. I`m not to sure how it will hold up, and I questioned using that over a 2 part epoxy. We will see how it go`s. The best part about this is that it can be redone no problem, or I can use it as an underwater viewer to snipe nuggets :D Or maybe boulderdash and I can play frisbee with it :4chsmu1:

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GE door and window silicone has UV protection and used for over 30 years I can attest to for mfg mining equipment and GREAT for coil covers. Easy to remove when covers worn out. My friends cover on both their GB Pros wore out in less than a year and replaced easily a month ago as silicone sticks but does not BOND as a huge difference. Use GOOP and usually(dozens of kinds) unremoveable then. Anyhow bead around the coil, dip finger or popsicle stick in water and make a even bead around,push on and put weight on it to hold.When dry run a bead around the top edge where the 2 meet and water tight/dust tight and dood to go and ez to remove-John

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