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PLP has sent out a letter and in that letter they have posted a link to the Western Mining Alliance.


The link above is WMA's September newsletter. We're still in the fight and doing OK. Please consider donating to PLP to keep our lawsuits in court. We're at a critical juncture.

There are more critical habitat listings you must be aware of, the details are in the newsletter.

Siskiyou and Modoc County vote to withdraw from California.

Join the effort to restore the jurisdictional power to the counties, support their efforts to protect their citizens and resources.

I don't know much about this alliance and who is involved but it seems worthwhile to push out there.

This should not be a political rant of Republican vs Democrat. It should be of Miners against the world. If you can find a Dem to support us then tell us who they are. If you can find a Republican then we want to know them also.

It has become obvious that our future is being altered by the laws being passed now. We know we are in a two party system and most of the voters are voting for candidates who institute more restrictive use of the public lands. There is often times not a chance to vote on a LAW because appointed servants push their policy and agendas without considering mining legacy and culture.

Who has the best voice for the miners and how do we support them?


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Have you also spoken with Del Albright (member here, just not really active) with Blu Ribbon Coalition.

That group is about access for all and always looking to work with other land use groups. Their reach, likely, is MUCH greater than PLP and WMA, combined.

Del also lives in Northern California.

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