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Minelab 18"Mono coil Advice

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I got my HipStick for Christmas and love it !! Been using it since I got it and the other day I put on my Platy coil and forgot my belt....so I could not us the Hipstick. Well my shoulder felt it...The terrain was rough and I had to use my shoulder. I ordered a military web. the Hipstick works great.

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Folks you can't go wrong with the old military web pistol belt.....I've used them all my life. First their cheap, tough and adjustable as your size sometimes has a tendency to get larger. Like cp90 says you can add all sorts of accessory pouches.

For years I only carried the small WW11 canteen with the cup, then later switched to the 2 qt. canteen for the desert beeping. Now I also use the load bearing harness to support the canteen, pouches for my GPS, camera and a small sample of first-aid stuff.

Last thing I've added to the belt to help support is my hip-stick. Been using one ever since nvchris dreamed it up. I store it on the same shelf in the truck with my detector, that way I'm never without it.

All of the above gear I bought at a military surplus store. Some places it's getting hard to find those stores. So try these sites online: http://www.imsplus.com/.......



If you can find a well stocked military surplus to visit that's even better but maybe a little more expensive but at least you can try things on there.

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