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Getting better at hearing the GOLD!


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Went out today to two spots with my friend... 8 -4 !! We are bad ass!! My lobo was working great and I really concentrated on paying attention to the sounds in both regular mode and disc... I can now almost tell what my target will be.. like wire and nails.. double sound.. I always fall for square nails (they trick me).. bullets I can tell they are strong and not as soft as gold... and if the regular sound is screaming and flip to disc sound is not so loud.. NOT GOLD.. gold is consistent loudness in both reg and disc.. zip zip.. bep bep.. soft and lovely... and sure enough I knew it when I got my .7g nugget today.. I knew it was gold and when I saw the shinny poking out the dirt clod.. major smile... yay!!

post-26913-0-98055200-1380510482_thumb.j post-26913-0-71278900-1380510531_thumb.j

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Great little nugg. I want one!

That is a nice blade too. Someone here should be able to tell you more about it.

For your next photos it helps to have a reference piece in it like a dime or a cube. We can all know a little more.


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Hey there Trail Gal (Trailblazer) ... Frank and Adam are so right ... The LST is a great VLF machine with very good discrimination ... BUT ... it isn't 100% and neither are your ears! When you can't dig every target to determine its real identity it is either time to quit for the day or time for a water or lunch break. I have been fooled by that double hit many times ... but because I still dig all my targets occasionally that double hit is actually gold. Just my opinion but I don't believe anyone can discriminate by ear and be 100% ... Dig um all or take a break!

Mike F

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OK OK !!! I promise to dig them all :4chsmu1: going out today to a spot that has lots of gold ... :yesss:

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That's a real nice nugget , and your trash to gold ratio isn't the worst I`ve seen. Be careful with double beeps. I have had slender wire shaped gold and porous gold give a double beep .. :head:

Yes indeed and though I may use discrimination in rare instances I hunt in all metal 99% of the time...

I was using a GB 2 once and there were two of us hunting, after a long day we were working back to the truck for a cold one and the wash we were in was loaded with trash and I turned on the disc. Well after digging a couple nails and a bit of tin I got another double blip target, but I could see the truck and wanted that cold beer so I did not dig it. The fellow I was hunting with yelled hey you missed a target and I said that it registered as trash. He dug a 1/4 ounce elongated nugget resembling a fat nail... Fooled the GB 2 and made a fool out of me :grr01:

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I was at a pounded patch in gold basin, got a loud double blip under a bush and almost passed on it. How many other nugget shooters heard this sound also and passed on it? Came up a nice elongated, flat piece of gold basin gold.

Dig it all.

Happy "skunk free" hunting,


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Great advice to hear over and over again....:) sometimes we get lazy and skip em, I have to admit I have done it. I am glad you guys keep preaching this important rule. Besides..its a nice way to clean up the iron junk,,so you can hit the deep large nugs...I call it layering. :)'

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