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Now I don't go out of my way to look fer these things, but when I'm out in the various wilderness environments

detecting or prospecting I'll stumble across these things, so I've started a small collection and as time goes by

I'll prolly find more.post-25539-0-76857400-1380390525_thumb.j

So far I got a possum, a muskrat, a kitty, and 2 deer


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My dad and I Have a Secret Spot for Javelina just off HY 80. We Boiled down the Skull in a Vat over a few days as a Trophy. Low and behold what did we find.

It had Two Gold Fillings. Some How Some Place the thing had rooted and Impacted Gold in the top and Bottom molars on he right back side. The area is know for gold but Sure wish I could figure out where it found that.

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Now John ... Be nice it is all water over the dam now! :) Besides after all the choice to marry those women was yours to make so you have to carry part of the blame! :) :) Just riding you a bit ... I have one ex-wife and learned my lesson after just one! Some guys try for a second or third or more ... Just saying! :brows:And having a little fun with you ... at your expense of course! :idunno::4chsmu1::old:

Mike F

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3x looking for #4,a rich widow now with a nice house/rv/and boat on a private lake. Married for guilt,lust and love ----none worked. Back to on topic as skull is just cool as can be-John

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Tom and I found a dead elk with a beautiful rack while hunting for turkey.  it was full of maggots and decaying quit a bit.  We cut the head off and made a pole sling and carried it out.  I was the rear carrier and got most of the stink while Tom picked the way and breathed clean air.  Maggots were dropping all the way out which was quite a distance.  When we got to a road we hid it in the brush and went for the truck which was several miles away.  Got a ride to camp and deliberated weather to go back for it or not.  We finally decided to retrieve it and brought it home.  We threw it in the pasture and the chickens had a field day cleaning it up maggots, meat, eye balls and all.  Tom soaked it in lye and made a great mount out of it.  Still have it on the wall in the barn, maybe I can get him to take a picture of it to post.  

   Old Tom

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