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Need help identifying mineral.

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Found this in my backyard, well several pieces of it underneath the ground or laying on top. It has a silver inside but it's not magnetic. Anyone have any idea what it could be? I want to bring out the beauty by breaking them open or some how polishing them. Tips on cleaning them would be great. Thanks!






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Are you serious about the scratch? Or is this a poo joke?

Yes they are serious, it's called a streak test, the color of the streak is but one the pieces of a puzzle to determine what you have.

All minerals have a distinctive streak color, and many have the same color, but the streak color is but one of the characteristic of a mineral and many times it may not be the same color as the mineral, others are hardness, cleavage, (cleavage is how the material breaks), specific gravity, visible color, etc..

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I tried the streak on the bottom of the toilet, but it leaves nothing but scratches. I tried to scratch it on the concrete and it leaves a dark grey almost black streak. When I put the powder from the scratch on my finger it is dark grey with tiny bits of sparkle in it. Any ideas? And thanks for the responses!

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