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It may have been a while but that is one fine nugget. I bet you didn't post the others.

I'm going up that way next week. It would be nice to meet you if you are around.


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Yo, Chris ... I'd thought you gave up beepster and was just crusin' the KOA's for :brows: , That's a real beauty ... WTG!!!! Cheers, Unc

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Thank you gentlemen. Mitchel, I believe we met at the Dale in March of this year. :89: It will be nice to see you again. Bill, it was my pleasure. Thank you for continuing to provide this most excellent forum. :worship: Frank, that is a NV nugget but my next stop will be Gold Basin. :yikes: Thank you garimpo. Steve, I hope so too. :2drink: Martin, thank you for making that clear. I hope to meet up with you again somewhere down the road. :Just_Cuz_06: Thanks Rimshot. It looks even better today. :oregonian_winesmiley: Uncle Ron, I never gave up beepster :25r30wi:​ but I have spent a lot of time fishing and I made good use of the fish whacker I got from Goldstudmuffin this year. :5bat: KOA's are not part of my itinerary. :nono: Thank you Adam & Mike. Hoser John, it's crystalline. :ROFL: Thank you d_day, Dutchman and Au Seeker.

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Thank you Harry & Relichunter.

Johnno, I fully agree. Take that break. There is simply NO reason not to.

Russ, the story is real simple. I followed your advice :worship: and got a bigger coil for my GP Extreme. I picked up a used 18" round NF Advantage mono and after I got done whacking fish :5bat: this summer I headed to beautiful downtown Jungo, NV, :hiker:

I started off at a new WSPA claim but took a wrong turn getting there and ended up at a dead end. :grr01: I had to backtrack to get to the claim but I saw some good signs and no claim markers :idea: at the dead end so I went back there the next day and start beeping, :head:

I beep and I beep and I beep and I beep... :head:

I see a couple old dig holes and I know there WAS something there... :cry2:

Then all of a sudden I get the signal. :yesss:

A really really sweet signal. :ROFL:

So, I start scraping off topsoil and run my magnet over the scrape.... :4chsmu1:

The target is there :head: but it's deeper. :)

So, I put down the detector and start digging

I dig and I dig and I dig some more :Diggin_a_hole:

because I gotta dig a really wide hole !<----------->! to get the huge coil in there. :2mo5pow:

I was down about 6 inches and was still in soft soil when I ran the coil over the hole again.

and target was out of the hole and I figured it was a bullet. :th:

It didn't take long to get it into the scoop and then in my hand. :brows:

It was pretty heavy and I saw yellow! :wee:

So, I cleaned it up a bit and put in my poke before checking the hole again :fl:

Then I filled my dig hole like a good boy. :rolleyes:

and I started beeping again looking for the nexxxxxxxxxt nugget.

I'm still looking but it sure helps when you find a bone now and then.

What the??? "You have posted a message with more emoticons than this community allows. Please reduce the number of emoticons you've added to the message"

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