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Closing for Winter

Steel Pan

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We just had a dusting of snow in the high Sierra range.

With the weather turning cold and the water flow in the stream

being barley enough to drown a mouse, we're shuttin' down 'til

Spring. :cry2:

Time to pull all the equip and start figurin' repairs and upgrades.

One thing that I do like about off season, I get to build and play

with new toys 'til Spring runoff. That's when life turns serious again. :cowboypistol:

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Here in southern NM, it was like someone hit a switch two weeks ago. It went from 100 in the day to 70f and down to 50 at nites. Man, I'm thinking it's going to be a cold winter this year and I'm not ready.

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winter means put my waders and shoulder high gloves in the tool kit and something to brake up the ice with

I got gold fever in a bad way the doc says keep digging it mite go away

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Just finished winter here.....60°-65° for the lows at night.....now at 0800 it 80°....nice gold hunting weather....oh wait....it just now started raining again.....had planned on beeping today but with the lightening and rain during the night I decided to wait.

Oh well, guess I'll go to the lake for a cook-out with the grand-son.....in retirement I don't get to many days off!!!!

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