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Little vial of gold

Bedrock Bob

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I received a little vial of gold today. My son gave it to me as we hunted dove against a blazing sky. It is a special little vial as it belonged to a very dear friend.

You know how you can look at a particular piece of gold and remember exactly where you found it? As I look in that little vial I remember...

She followed me everywhere for years. She was always there and even when she wasn't. shecwas out there somewhere. She could camp, hike and run. a drywasher. I gave her the pickers and kept the fines.

She was a smart woman with a great education. She was driven to break the bonds of poverty that she was raised in. She went out to tackle the world and she did! She traveled the world and made more money than a king. She could not sit still and I could not keep up.

We kept in touch and shared many adventures. I tried my best to get her to marry me. But this one was not to be tamed. After 30 years of breaking my heart I gave up on her. I hadn't. seen her in a couple of years. One morning about eight months ago I got word she had died.

My son handed me her vial and as I rolled it over I recognized every piece. I remembered her thrill as I swept the black sand back. We were both young. Man those little nuggets brought it all back into sharp focus.

So I got a little vial of gold today. Not much. Just a few little pickers.

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Bob, you were very lucky to have had such a special person in your life ... I've been that fortunate also ... Let's just go out now, look up at the clear night sky and say, "Thank you, God" ... Cheers, Unc

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A great job of making her real for all of us and the role she played in your life. Thank you for your memory of her.

Now, your son had that vial. Care to share with us how she came to getting it to him?


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Thanks guys.

She was a real force to be reckoned with. Like pitching a tent in the wind. I wish her the best on whatever fantastic adventure she is on now. I'm gonna miss her but that is nothing new. I got used to missing her 99% of the time for the past two decades. Its not the missing her but the spot out there that she occupied on the planet. Lots of space left empty...a vacuum in this ol world. It is a shame cause she was only 45 and had a lot of path ahead of her.

Mitchel, her daughter and my son are friends. She gave the vial to him last week as he travelled back from our hunt in the high country. They are both outstanding individuals and she raised her daughter right. She may have gone way too young but she left a fine woman to carry on. And she would have been a grandmother in a few months.

While I am at it I might mention that William Bonney's mother was her great grandmother....her grandmother was Billy the Kid's half sister. I always thought that was pretty cool.

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Great story Bob ... I can point to one woman I had and lost that I shouldn't have except for my own stupidity when I was 40 years old! We are still friends and still talk from time to time and I think time has healed the hurt she felt but she is also happily married now. I cherish the friendship!

Mike F

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