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A Golden Summer in New York

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G'mornin TS. I'm not familiar with that type of mining. Did the gold come from a local source like a sidewalk vain or maybe a storm drain epithermal type deposit? Some of it looks like it could be from a tertiary freeway channel. Nice work.

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Nice finds Terry...gold is gold don't matter where it comes from. Used to hang out in Follows Camp on the San Gabriel river and prospect the gulches. There was a fella, Sonny was his name who has been swingin detectors since his service in Korea. He used to sweep the ground for landmines..Sonny would always come by and pull out of his pockets gold jewelry he found with his detector in public swim areas he would hunt and just smile and say.." hey prospectors, how much gold did you find today" while he was dangling a nice 20 gram 14 kt necklace in front of our faces. Personally, I am just hooked on crawling on my fours and scanning dirt for those little nuggs.. :ROFL:

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