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Allen in MT

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Allen you can enter to win a GoPro along with every accessory they make for these cameras in their daily giveaway, you can enter once a day for the next day's drawing.


They also offer refurbished cameras for $90 less than new with the same warranty as a new camera.


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My NIKON rocks. Good to go underwater to 30'-sound/movies/great zoom-both digital and real time/adjustable megs on pics. Complete built in editor,good web site to store or get help,I've gotten help dozens a times and it does soooo much. CoolPix 530. My old underwater Minolta didn't do underwater sound or movies and this one does also. Under $125 dependent on where ya shop-John

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I have had a GoPro Hero for 2-3 years now. Not one issue. I'm sure I don't know 1/2 of what it is capable of. I know every race the media guys stick 3-4 cameras on our car. I have never heard of any of them failing.

Plus all of the media companys I have seen use them exclusivley. Thats saying something.

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I use a small video camera that clips on to my visor on my hat, and takes a small micro sd memory card, and usually record 2 hours or 720p HD video. It weighs less than an ounce. You can purchase them on ebay for under $40. But for just going out prospecting and recording some of my adventures I cant beat it. I have seen video of the GoPro Cams, and WOW !!!! They look great for action, skydiving, underwater, ect.



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Go-Pro Hero 3 Black Edition (329.99) will be one of my next cameras, it films at a whopping 240fps in wvga mode!! In case you don't know what that means...the more frames per second, the better your slow motion effects will be. I did a vid on youtube called "34lb portable rock crusher" and in the beginning when you see the feet walking in slow mo...the ground around my feet is making waves and it's not good but 240fps would eliminate that, because at 60 fps the editing program is trying to blend frames to go slower and there's a limit to that. You might not think you will need that now but should you catch a fast moving object or a snake strike a rabbit or something and you have to slow it down to actually see what happened it will be way clearer and you will appreciate the 240fps.

I like my Contour+2 (225.00-ish) because you can rotate the lens so your not filming at an angle or upside down and I can view what I'm about to shoot on my smart phone, I also have a Swann freestyle 1080p (137.99)...I really like it cause the video is not as fish eyed...and last but not least the PoloroidXS100 Extreme Edition HD, it's waterproof without a case, easy to use and no matter which way you hold the camera it always films right side up, so if I mount it upside down it is still gonna film right side up and it comes in at roughly (159.95)

I'm really diggin the clip on cam double D has in the photo above, clip it on your hat brim and off you go. Amazon has an amazing amount of cameras in all different sizes, I usually find one that looks good then youtube it for some samples of the video cam in use.

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