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Three Ring Night (Almost)


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I was out and fall is in the air. Things are cooler and the sand is moving and I managed to get a 3 ring night. Well, one ring is cheap and had very little signal, another ring sounded off good and it is a 5 g platinum and the third 'ring' sounded real good but it is an industrial fitting. All of these were found with my 3030 at up to 12 inches in wet and dry beach sand. I've downloaded some interesting programs for it.


Here are some finds for earlier in the week. That is a snake (mostly copper), some hoops all found in the same hole and a silver earring with an aquamarine stone.





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Good ol.Santa Monica,Venice Beach boardwalk freak fest and muscle beach testerone driven muscle mania. Detected quite a few times back in the 80s and stay at my buds house off Lincoln for ez am access. Platinum has surpassed gold prices now so really cool find-great finds-John

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