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New fall in Texas...

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I just heard on news. But can't find any info on it. Wasup? Is the sky falling..lol

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Yeah I looked but no info when I first checked. Now it's there.

When a meteor changes color from blue to green is that a sign that impact is very near?

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I think signs that a meteorite are near include seeing it coming at you, hearing it going past your head and feeling it hit! This is what the first people do when they go to a fall area is look for witnesses.

I have seen some that look 'near' and they hit hundreds of miles away.

As Uncle Ron has done and others after they see one they report them and between all the data they get closer and closer to a strewn field because pieces come off and bigger pieces travel farther.


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Cool guys!! That's one guy said he could here it hissing as it travel passed him. He must be close....hehe!

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