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Mini Highbanker or Gold Cube w/Gold Banker or ?


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I would suggest a drywasher. IMHO, you will be able to process much more material, which means more cons. Then bring the cons home. You can run them through your Gold Cube while sitting in the shade of your back porch, with a water supply close by. It is my experience and some here will agree that you just can't haul enough water to process a lot of material.

My .02


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Just take a minute and read other posts and you'll quickly realize that detectors of all ilk rock the desert world as these arizona folks proudly display their righteous finds of the day. You can check appx. a cubic foot of gravels a second with a consistant even swing(dependent on coil/machine) and you'll need a big backhoe to match such righteous production. No hauling water,pumps,caliche goop,plugged nozzles blah blah blah. Go to Bills store here and take a look as even used,payment plans etc--you can't beat that NOWHERE else-John

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Well you could build yourself a grizzly and shovel stuff through it to get your cons to haul home but how long a haul are you talking about because cons are going to get heavy fast...but so is hauling water.

Welcome to the forum Gunlocator

Hoser John where I am digging now is so wet that no way a dry washer would work. And a beeper would drive me nuts if it did sound off on this very fine stuff I am finding, But I do need to get a beeper to see if I missed some big stuff.

Anybody have a good one to sell from cheap to cheaper ?

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