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2 hours

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Had a little work to go do yesterday, but couldn't start till 10AM, so I thought I'd

check out a little park about a mile from the house where I had the work at.

Now I had seen a another feller detectin in this park a couple different times

over the summer, never stopped to talk to him cause I's busy goin somewhere

every time I'd seen em. And this park ain't too big either, a jungle gym/play structure,

a swingset, a couple picnic tables, a trash barrel, a few trees, 2 acres total maybe.

That feller musta just been learnin this summer, cause he missed a lot! I's there fer

just 2 hours from 0730-0930 and I dug up all this.


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Wow Frank! WTG! The coin with a image of a person standing? What is that? I've seen that before, but don't remember.

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Appreciate it fellers, ya Bill if or when I see that guy again I'll have to stop and see how he's doin.

And yes sir skip, you got it there it's a "99" state quarter. My photo ain't the best. I did stop there fer the first

time about a week ago and figured real quick the ground there is super trashy, I mean literally tons of

of foil, pull tabs, bottle caps, a ton of metal litter. I have to use my little 5 in. round "DD" coil, I can't

use the 11 in. at all. The smaller coil gives me target separation I can't git with the larger coil, and I

still have to go real slow. I did find 2 Canadian pennies w/ "41" and "47" dates on em, that's why I keep goin back.

But I don't know cause I do know the park's only 25-30 yrs. old, and before that it was just a low, swampy,

forested area they couldn't build houses on in the middle of an existing neighborhood.

I might git over there again on Sun. or I might go somewhere else, I don't know, ain't decided yet.

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Great pic of the good,the bad and the ugly. Don't let size deter you. I've found many amazing finds in pocket parks in the OC back in the day in LA. I always remove junk with me too as next time easier and more goodies show without all that trash-John

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I would like to add something to that Fred....

If your lucky enough to see trucks dumping demolition dirt be sure to ask one of the drivers where the dirt is coming from, then head there right away before someone else discovers the site.

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