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Finding Gold with my Tesoro Lobo !


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Went out yesterday with my mining buddy and found my fourth piece of gold with my Tesoro Lobo detector since this summer... I have been detecting for several years but only finding the usual bullets, nails, and micro metals... lol... finally seems I am in the "gold finding club" yay!

My first piece weighed exactly and oz but I had it acid washed and it revealed about 5gm!

post-26913-0-03679400-1379598266_thumb.j post-26913-0-37817500-1379598268_thumb.j

My next two were from different locations one was .6g and the other was .4g shown here with other items found !


And.... the last one found yesterday ... a beautiful collection of gold inside a quartz void...

post-26913-0-96746400-1379598587_thumb.j post-26913-0-62748500-1379598591_thumb.j

Can't wait to go out again and find more !

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Welcome to the forum!!

Thanks for posting to let us celebrate with you!! :ya::oregonian_winesmiley::2drink:

Congratulations on whacking that skunk up side his head in a big way, maybe he will leave you alone for a while and you'll find a bunch of nuggets from here on out!!

I love that first piece, it cleaned up beautifully, the rest of your gold is great!!! :thumbsupanim

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Fantastic finds and I never leave home without my TLST either. Point-I would keep on a bustn' rock in that void as 1 can easily lead to yet another. Use your rock hammer and tap tap tap that bedrock in/around for that righteous hollow sound and ya just might be MUCH more than pleasently surprised by what ya find. Congrats-John

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Thanks everyone ! It is such a great feeling to finally be finding gold with the detector. The lobo is a great tool.. I flip between regular and disc all the time and am becoming sensitive with my ears for what I am finding... my mining buddy has a Minelab so we are able to cover ground together in a great way... We start early and it's hard to stop! Even out in 100 degree weather... that's what the fever causes I suppose !! I am adventuring again on Sunday.. weather cooling down to high 80s. Hope I have nice treasures to show off :D

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Well ... only found three lead pieces, boot tack and hot rocks. But that's ok.. the day was beautiful and hike was awesome. Going out again Wednesday to a new spot! Perseverance.... !!!

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