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Question for you space rock guys

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I have a customer that wants some jewelry. He has an unusual request in the fact he wants me to use Peridot. Not just any peridot but ones cut from meteorites. Anyone help us out on how to source such stones?


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Right here: http://www.palladot.com.

Or you could buy yourself a small pallasite and dissolve it in an acid bath and you'll be left with peridot crystals. Kinda sucks to kill a meteorite that way, but you'd be sure it's peridot from space. I wouldn't trust the stuff on eBay...

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Glorieta has big nice cubes and a lot has been released from the matrix already. Lots of free olivine found in that place...most guys pass right over it looking for a beep. It would not be feasable to ruin such a rock to get the olivine but free olivine specimens from that fall are certainly out there.

I bet Charlie Snell has a double hand full of those crystals...he buys a lot of material from the local hunters. I have seen cubes as big as your thumb that have been released and fell on the area with no metal surrounding them at all.

Check out the Santa Fe meteorite and fossil museum website and contact him.

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