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An update on the hunt for gold in NM

Caliche Chris

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Hey everyone, I haven't been able to post for a while. I recently moved my trailer out of town specifically so I could be close to some good ground. I don't have Internet out there so my posts will be much less frequent. Well the first couple weeks went real well. I bought a new echo blower and had about ten days of work in the same hole. Bedrock bob, had told me some stories about the spot and that's how I decided to dig there. Anyway, when you look in the pics you can see. There's a big layer of slack with loose dirt and small rocks. Then that layer of big boulders. Under the boulders is a layer of straight black sand about a quarter inch thick. It's been sitting there for an eternity just waiting for me. The biggest problem is the ridiculous amount of over burden involved. It's kind of hard to tell but the back wall of this hole is about 13 feet high and very unstable. Most of the days I worked there I got there about 8 and left by one or two. It was a couple weeks where it was still sunny and hot and the humidity in the air made it pretty rough out. So in my nine or ten short days there I've got almost a quarter ounce. Ok, so maybe it's not the mother load, but its enough to keep me coming back that's for sure. Well, the good news ends there, we got hit with a monster rain storm. It rain pretty much for three days straight here. Creeks that I'd never seen a drop of water in , became violent rivers for a couple days. The washouts are so bad that I can't even get close to my honey hole now. So now I've just been wandering around with my detector, in a swamp that is usually a barren desert. On top of that, I drove through a big puddle and screwed up my car. So I'm out of commission for a while until it dries and my car is fixed. This short break has made me realize how bad I have the fever, I'm losing my mind not being able to get out there and see color in my riffles. To entertain myself I've been spending time in another gold district nearby, Hillsboro. I've just been hiking and exploring all the old timer diggings and checking out the hard rock mines. Here's some pics for you all. Does any one know what that big fan is for? I found two of them sitting in front of hard rock mines.post-26514-0-60587300-1379542096_thumb.jpost-26514-0-05999400-1379542116_thumb.jpost-26514-0-27510500-1379542149_thumb.jpost-26514-0-89778400-1379542186_thumb.jpost-26514-0-44417500-1379542236_thumb.jpost-26514-0-31577600-1379542287_thumb.j

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Great photos Chris! The diggins are beautiful!

Those fans are near vertical holes (shafts) that served as ventilation for the horizontal holes (drifts) like in your photos. I have schematics and measurements for most of those mines that show how all the workings connect and where they filled shafts with muck and low grade ore (cut and fill).

One of these days I will get you the info on all those holes and you will know tthhe name, depth, production and details of them all.

You are on some of the richest grround in the west my friend! Lots of gold, ghosts and stories about that place!

It will be better weather by the time I get back from the mountain and we will hiit some of that hard rock gold and listen to the steel ring. It sounds a lot more like payday than the gravel across that shovel you have worn out on the hole in the Caballos!!

Fine work Chris! You have the miner in your blood man!

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Oh man, my eyes lit up when I saw that post Bob! I've been hiking all over these hills and I really think there might be close to a hundred of those holes cut around in the mountains. Everyone is another mystery and its really wild to look at all this discarded stuff and abandoned mines and just think about the amount of traffic and work there was at one time. Now it's like the land is taking it all back and theres hardly ever a soul out there. I know I spent a few days hiking all over those hills and never saw another person up there. I would love to know the names, and the history for each mine. I found a bunch of vertical shafts with no fencing or warning around them. You can drop a rock....wait a few seconds...then you hear it hit. While your sitting there thinking "wow, that sounded like a long way down" you realize the rock is just bouncing of the walls and its still falling. I swear I found a couple that must've been 500 feet deep. If anyone has any pics or stories of hard rock mines I'd love to hear em/ see em.

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You need to go over to Oro Fino by the old collsapsed brothel and look up Coyote Bill. He can keep an eye on you while I am hunting and make sure the fever does not burn you up. Take a couple six packs (at least) and go. find him. He is easier to finnd in the Hillsboro district than a nugget...that's for sure! He is the man to meet with the secrets of those veins. You two would hit it off fine. Tell him you are on a quest for knowledge.

Go shake hands with him and tell him I sent you. When I get back we can both learn hardrock at the feet of the great master. Then when you are out for a week of walkabout you will be packing back a sack of good ore!

Honestly, placer is tinker toy stuff around this neck of the woods. Your instincts are good pulling you down underground. But you have to go on a quest first to study with the High Priest of Hematite. When the hangover wears off and the colored patterns stop swirling you will have the magical powers needed to pass under broken timbers unncrushed and decipher the eerie language of the Tommyknockers.

Edited by Bedrock Bob
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