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Garrett Pro Pointer sensitivity trick


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Just wanted to mention this as I searched and did't see it listed in any posts.

From my in ground and air testing, you can roughly double the detection depth of your Garrett Pro Pointer by using this little trick:

Slide a piece of metal, a penny or nickel will do, down the side of pro pointer slowly until you just start to hear it chirp / beep. Back the metal a hair back upwards until the chirping stops and keep the metal in that spot.....now believe or not your pro pointer will sense the same object roughly twice as deep. The added sensitivity has been really useful for spotting the small guys!

You can do this many different ways but, I find the easiest for me is to wear a gold ring on my right hand and just slide my hand down the pointer....don't really have to even think about it any more..



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I saw a youtube video also on this, seems to get double the depth... Hmmm maybe if I tape a nugget to my minelab detector I will also get double the depth. :arrowheadsmiley:

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Hi all,

That is a great tip to know, and one other thing...

If you have some tiny nuggets small enough that you can't detect with that Garrett Pro-Pointer,

do that super tuning thing on some other metal, gold or whatever just to get it super- tuned,

then wave your pinpointer over the previously un-detectable nuggets, and you should

be able to now detect them. I hope I described it correctly, but I was surprised when the

small gold I tried the test on were now detectable. I suppose this ability should have some

value in some instances. Not to say this method will detect ANY size gold however...


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Tried it, it works !! Doubled the sensitivity distance....tomorrow i will try it with gold. Gary Hudson who modified my Lobo said you can do the same thing with a coil , may have to call him and ask him how to do that again. As I remember he said to put a coin center of the coil and move it...and it would increase sens. I tried it but all it did was make my detector go of. :head: Gona call him on Tuesday and ask for directions. I will update you fellas with the results.

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That also works with the Whites Bullseye pinpointer.

Gary tried to show me how that worked with a loop too but I couldn't see it. Just made the detector go off. Might try taping it along the shaft and see if that does it.

Digger Bob

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