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Dry Lake Finds - Rights and Wrongs

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Last Tuesday I found myself out on a dry lake picking up magnetic rocks. Those are the only two things I know any of these items have in common so far.

Collect in the field and classify at home.

Please take a look and from the photos give a yes, no or maybe on all 26. I have tried to make a photo that is a true representation but when I look I realize that some of the surfaces that I see when holding the items look different in a photo. I looked for bigger pieces but these are what was there in the 6 hours on the lake.


By way of helping me you will be helping others get good at this identification process. If one or more is a meteorite, what should one do next? (I took a GPS on every find.)



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I'll keep them for what they are and have you and some others take a look when I see you. There is either a patina on some of them or ablation and you can help me tell the difference.

I know I have to take better pictures to be able to tell the difference.


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