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Hi All,

Well very soon now I will have PM coils available for The Minelab GPX series as well as the White's TDI. Only a few products at the moment but a lot more are on the short term horizon. We have some seriously innovative PI coils about to be released and a lot for IB (VLF) detectors as well in coming months. Nugget Shooter will be the US distributor for these coils and I will be doing demos as well as offering field tests very soon. I have been working with Pulse Mate for a while now and looks like things are about to get underway here in the USA within a few weeks and I also will have some coils here sooner than that.

Our range of coils

For use with Minelab SD2000, SD2100, SD2200d, GP Extreme, GP3000, GP3500, GPX4000, GPX4500 and GPX5000 pulse induction metal detectors. Also compatible with Whites TDI, TDI-SL and TDI pro and Goldscan 5b and 5c pulse Induction metal detectors. Please note that all coils sold for Foster designed detectors (Goldscan & TDI) are NOT backwards compatible with Minelab PI detectors.



Our first range of factory produced coils for use with Minelab & Whites PI detectors!

18R 'Tarantula' mono. A true 18" spiderweb mono, light weight and deep punching.

18x14 'Scarab' mono. A semi elliptical mono coil for rocky-bushy areas.

18x6 'Nuggeteer' mono. Sensitive rectangular coil for fast coverage.

12x4 'Nuggeteer' mono. Super sensitive small coil for those hard to find crumbs of gold!

18x6 'Nuggeteer' AI. Anti-interference coil for areas of EMI interference or salt content.

12x4 'Nuggeteer' AI. Smallest AI coil ever built! High sensitivity for small gold in noisy areas.

PRICING POSTED HERE IN SEPTEMBER! as soon as I get things together and some coils in stock. Still have a bit of field testing to do and will also have a report for you very soon...

From Pulse Mate...

We are a group of like-minded Australians who have been experimenting with metal detectors and coils for many years. Our R&D manager has been into electronics since the 1970's and has built his own Pulse Induction metal detector and modified others. We have all been prospectors with over 60 years experience between us! We have been building, repairing and modifying metal detector coils for over 4 years now and we are finally satisfied with our end product. We are now preparing ourselves to mass produce and market our range of coil products around the world. We are often asked "Why so cheap?" We answer "Because quality coils don't need to be that expensive!" Value for money, new designs, new sizes. That's our philosophy! Our coil prices start from just $195 and go up to a maximum of only $400. None of our coils will ever be higher in price than that, no matter what size! Some of our rivals have their basic coils start at $400!

We have a team of trained coil techs who take pride in their product. Each of our techs is a detectorist and knows how to get the most out of a coil and knows how to test them. There will be no disinterested mass production workers here! If it isn't a coil our tech wants to use, it doesn't leave the workshop!

We are currently in the process of appointing dealers and distributors for our products in USA, UK, Brazil and the Middle East. We require Australian dealers in NSW, TAS and NT. If you are interested in becoming a dealer or distributor in your state or country, email us to discuss your needs.

We are currently concentrating on building coils to suit Minelab, Whites and Pulsepower (Goldscan) pulse induction metal detectors but we also have had success in building coils to suit Whites GMT, Teknetics T2, Garrett Infinium PI and Scorpion Gold Stinger IB metal detectors, C-Scope CS6 & CS4 PI metal detectors and also Tesoro IB metal detectors.If you have a metal detector that lacks a coil you need, email us! We may be able to help!

A couple of our new innovations are the inv dual loop coil which provides super sensitivity without losing depth on larger targets and vice versa. We also build what we call the mini8 coil which does a similar job for semi elliptical coils. By using these coils, you add stability, lessen EMI noise and gain 2 coils in one! Even the largest mini8 or inv dual loop coils can still hear .1gm bits of gold at almost the same depth as a specialty, high sensitivity small coil, even though the user is swinging a very large coil with all the depth advantages that sized coil offers!

All our products carry a 1 year warranty and are return to retailer acceptable.

For extra photos and info on our current coil range go to: http://s1126.photobucket.com/user/PulsemateCoils/library/?sort=3&page=1


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I'd be happy to help field test for you Bill. I am curious about that 18" tarantula coil they will be releasing soon. They say it weighs about 900grams...if my math is not too far off, thats just a hair over 2lbs. That doesn't sound like much, but maybe after swinging it for awhile it could be?

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wow, those videos showing the Mono Coils right under power lines are pretty impressive, I cannot get my mono anywhere near the power line.


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I will have some here in a few days to show off and let you guys try out for some opinions sooooooo stay tuned! As far as for sale, I just want to try the final version before offering them. Just how I am.... :idunno:

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Are the AI coils mono or some other configuration? Never used one before, defintely have a few places I would love to though if they work and are sensitive to small bits like a mono.

Looking forward to the reports, or would gladly test one as well.

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Probably early December but was just planning a short trip to Kingman. I'll try to stop by Morristown if I can and say hi, maybe test one of the AI coils out, I'm definitely interested in one of those if they work well.

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