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I loaded a .50 cal using 390 Gr bullets and 120 grs of Pyrodex. I was shooting at 150 yards. When I seated the bullet the big brass jag on the ramrod came off and stayed in the barrel and I did not notice...

When I pulled the trigger the scope hit me between the eyes and left a 1" gash that bled like a severed leg. I had a mean concussion and could hardly get my stuff collected to drive out. When I got to the target the brass hardware had actually hit the target backing and was laying about ten yards behind it.

...took my head a month to heal and stretched out the receiver of a new Thompson Center inline.

The tip weighed about 450 Grains. So it would probably be like seating two bullets over a charge and firing a magnum load.

After I healed up and bought a new gun I went out with a buddy. We had shot for a while and were taking a break. I had loaded the rifle and set it on the rest and we decided to change targets. When I got back to the bench I guess I forgot I had loaded it and poured a charge down the barrel. When I seated the bullet something was different. I almost started to shoot it...

My head started pounding and I realized what I had done. I was white as a sheet when I stuck the rod back down the barrel and realized it was stuffed full of TWO rounds.

My head starts hurting just telling the story.

Projectile weight is very important. Pressure is your friend and dare I say it...Lover. But too much of a good thing will bruise your third grade memories and hurt you bad.

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I'm new to the forum, but what you have in that container is what was called "Grapeshot" or "Cannister" during the Civil War. Having been stationed at the Pentagon back in the 80's, I had the opportunity to visit some of the battlefields with other relic hunters. We were not allowed to use metal detectors at the National Battlefields, but not all battlefields were all encompassing. There was still much of the various battlefields of Northern Virginia that were on private property.

From the relative size of the shot, compared with the size of your hand, you likely have grapeshot. Grapeshot was smaller than cannister, being about the size of a large marble. Cannister was larger, being approximately half the size of a regulation baseball. Cannister got it's name because about half a dozen or so were loaded into a cannister roughly the size of a coffee can. The whole cannister was then loaded into the barrel of a cannon and fired. It basically turned the cannon into a huge shotgun. Grapeshot was usually loaded loosely into a cannon, wrapped in some type of wadding.

We had a few folks find cannister shot deep in the Virginia clay. The actual cannister had long since rusted away, but the shot was still in the position it layed when abandoned. We usually found 6-8 of them in the same dig hole. Grapeshot was usually found individually.

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