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You know, I had a friend, that took a 6 inch custom dredge to Chicken Ak, and some of those dopers up there came into camp with guns, and took his dredge, all his camping stuff, all the guns he had, and he w3alked for 4 days to get to a place he could get some help at, no one would help him get his stuff back, so he came back to the Merced river, he asked me to go back with him, and get his stuff, and we were going, when he decided, killing someone or getting killed was not worth it. Anyway, most of them guys were or are dope addicts. clint Parker, my friend was an X-Marine and did not even drink, muchless use dope. Grubstake

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There use to be a guy aka Chickenminer or something like that on the akmining board..not sure if he ran the chicken ranch or whatever its name was...but i bet Steve know sometthing about this...kinda weird they would go in like that..they must have thought something else was going on.

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Would a raid like that be aimed at antagonizing the miners into a shooting battle? Just think about how Obongos media would have handled this if it turned out that way. I am surprised they did not have red arm bands on with the Obongo sign on them. Why not the Nazi's had red arm bands with a swastika on them, or is it to early to let the cat out of the bag?


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Governor Parnell of Alaska has ordered an investigation on these raids.

The EPA and BLM are still holding their ground on the reasons for these armed raids.

Maybe the investigation will right what is wrong with the actions of the FEDs!!


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