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Well I see what everyone is talking about. I had only used Photobucket in the past. Now I have a blog post with several photos and a bunch of equipment photos. It would take an hour to copy and paste all those codes after it took an hour to upload and create new codes and organize and all sorts of BS.

I cant seem to paste my stories from a word processor into the editor either. When I copy the text in Word the command to paste is grayed out in the editor and nothing I try inserts the text.

I am not about to keep typing novels with my thumb nor am I going to post any photos if I must manipulate between three programs and rename and get image codes and then try to get it all hand typed in the editor and looking decent.

What a PIIA! I enjoy Posting and would love to continue to share but this convoluted way of doing things is crazy. If I could go to an internet connection and log in and get a blog entry done in fifteen or twenty minutes it is no sweat. I have several written to post with fantastic pictures. But I simply don't have an hour to spend dancing all over trying to figure it all out to get one on the forum. What happened to the days we could simply type a story and paste it in the editor and link to a few photos to share??

To top it all of I am sitting in the public library trying to get a few good stories posted and Photobucket decides to advertise to me. I have never heard such noise come out of this computer!!! The whole freaking library was startled when the announcer started the rapid fire trash talking. It took a few seconds to mute the crap and it put the icing on the cake for me.

Of course I said some bad words as I was trying to. figure out how to mute the bull horn and it caused a few grins. I was pretty tamped already about the cut and paste thing and had just realized Photobucket was photosucking...you gotta grovel for those codes man...

How in the heck do we post a blog with photos without all this BS???? How can we post a photo without dealing with several interfaces and new file names and a high decibel marketing campaign??

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I not sure how you're trying to copy and paste from Word and then into the blog's editor, but I just did a test to see if I would have the same problem, so I created a blog and typed a couple of words in MS Word, then I copied the IMG code from a photo on Photobucket and pasted it into the Word document, then I copied all of the Word document by highlighting the text, link etc., I copied it by holding down the left button on my mouse and dragging it over all of the text and IMG link in the word document, then making sure the cursor was over a portion of the highlighted test/link I right clicked and then selected "copy" I then went to the Nuggetshooter Editor in my blog and right clicked in the text field of the Editor and then selected "paste", everything was there from the Word document and then I selected "Preview Post" below the Editor and all was fine, so I then selected "Publish", everything work with no issues, I also did it again but this time I didn't select "Preview Post" just clicked on "Publish" same results everything worked fine for me, I didn't use any of the Editor or MS Word "Tools" to copy and paste, just regular mouse commands.

I have deleted the blog entries that I used to do these test.

I will try and help any way I can.

What browser were you using when you had these issues?

I will check with Tech Support to see if there's an issue with the browser you used.

I can't help with Photobucket, it is what it is, I have only gotten the obnoxiously loud "popups" or any popups for that matter when uploading photos to Photobucket, but I know they are going to popup and I'm ready to mute them when they do, I can't complain really since I don't pay for Photobucket and I figure they have to fund the website somehow, not sure if you would get popups if you have a paid Photobucket account.

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Thanks Skip.

I tried it just like you said....I think...

Anyhoo I will try again when I am in town next week.Otherwise I will just post what I can typevwith my thumb in he editor and be happy with that. I really don't have the time to figure it all out and deal with all the surprises and learn how to navigate Photobucket. Heck, I gave them all filenames where I would know which ones to paste under each caption of text and I thoughtvI had it all nailed down. The text won't paste and my file names dissappear and it takes forever just to upload them. Then I got no place to upload them to cause I can't paste the text.

It is on the clipboard and I can paste it into any other program on the computer but not the Nuggetshooter editor. Go figure. I have had nothing but grief with this new computer anyway. Just a waste of good time. I am sure there is some issue between programs or the browser or some darn thing.

I will try to sort it out one of these days and figure out how to position all those image codes in thereand deal with toggling between the programs and all. I can make it just like I want it in Word in a flash. But after I spend an hour authoring something and drive in to. town to post it I blow the whole day trying to figure out the new Photobucket interface and some strange inability to insert text.

It is all too complicated for me I guess.

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The issue you had with the paste command of the Editor being grayed out, I think what may be the issue is the "BBcode Mode" tool icon on the Editor's tool bar, it's the icon that is at the upper most left of the tool bar, sometimes it will get accidentally clicked and that will gray out the entire tool bar and disable the icons, click on it and the tool bar will return to normal, and you should be able to use all the tools again.

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Bed Rock Bob,

I am with you, I have tried everything, I can post a picture to the regular forum but not to a blog, I use IE, and this is a brand new Dell, they say there's nothing wrong with it that the fault is with Photo Bucket, they are trying to sell premium service.


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This is the issue ( I was having a while back, in another thread) and am still having, I never figured it out, either.

I tried doing what you suggested, I clicked the BB code, it grayed out everything, and then when I clicked it again the toolbar and other stuff came back, but still, when I click into the typing box to type or copy and right click, when the editor box opens the "paste" selection is grayed out. I am not able to paste anything from another program or my drive into the forum reply box. (?) :89:


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Yeah, it is broke. I never had any problems with cutting and pasting before. I generally type and edit in Word and paste to the editor with no problem. Nothing I have tried works and I have exhausted all desire to keep trying.

Photobucket takes too darn long and is TEDIOUS jumping back and forth for image codes and having to rename it all. Then the added confusion with dealing with a completely different host and trying to make it look good with all the chaos and voices yelling at you while you try to figure out the problem.

I spent two more hours last night trying to get all those image codes retreived and inserted in Word but never could post to the blog or the forum.

I am an eloquent guy with my thumb and I will just describe my wonderful adventures from here on out and let the reader imagine what it may have looked like. I could easily publish it in book format with dozens of high res images a.d schematics in the time I have invested in just trying to cut and paste to the forum.

I could probably sell those stories anyway rather than giving them away for free. And if I spent the time writing stories as I did trying to get a blog posted and typing with my thumb I could have a couple of adventure stories in print already. There comes a point where it just makes no sense to contribute on that level. Besides, with all the nastiness and abuse from the peanut gallery the desire to contribute is always dampened.

Maybe we should be satisfied with reposted links to FOX news and one line posts like "X2" or thoughts expressed with a platoon of emoticons. It seems we are geared for that rather than anything of substance anyway.

Maybe trying to post works of writing is not what members want and we should not expect an audience nor a platform for this type of writing here. An article of less than a thousand words with four pictures is about like a magazine article. It may not be suitable for members who may have strong conflicting opinions or too tedious for the forum system.

Maybe the photos and the articles could be hosted elsewhere? Anyone who wanted to read the article could simply follow a link posted on Nuggetshooter? I can copy and paste within the editor fine and can easily link in a post. Maybe that way would be a better way to post my stuff here anyway since so many get offended by it...just link to it???

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Hi BB.

I don't use the NuggetShooter Blogging feature, but after reading your posts I got curious about your problem. I made a test blog called PHOTOBUCKET TEST ENTRY 001 of text and images all cut and pasted from Word 2007. At first I was not able to get the images to appear, but I checked the ENABLE HTML box before previewing or publishing and then the images appeared in the blog. This is all explained in the blog.

Let me know if any of this helps you.


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