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3D printed rifle

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DDD and SSYS have been good 3D printing plays. 3d printing is used by many Formula One teams and some NASCAR teams to prototype parts and is used by the medical industry too.

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There's always two sides to every technology. What happens when just about anyone will be able to "print" their own guns,powder and bullets. Yeah, I know it sounds too farfetched but so have a lot of other things I thought would never happen. Then every lunatic will be carrying one of these weapons from disreputable sources. Kids included... :m2c:

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Units will not produce chemicals ,only pieces and parts from varying matrixes. I would NEVER trust to shoot one made that way as so far nuttn' strong enough. Duplicators are as cheap as $600 in Popular Science for softer materials . What a cool technology that can now utilize limited metals,polymers and nanotubes. Pop Sci carries all the latest innovations in that,and many other technologies-John :4chsmu1:

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