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Happy B day Frank C


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Aloha Frank,

Here is wishing you a very Happy Birthday! You are allowed to take the day off and maybe go out and enjoy a little time beeping BUT don't forget to spend some quality time with your other half over a nice dinner with some wine and dessert later tonite.

Enjoy your day and stay safe out there.


Stan aka Kaimi

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Happy Birthday... hope all is well. Need to get out with ya again sometime and find some yellow.


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Hey, Happy birthday there Frank, oh crap, Skip beat me too it :grr01:

Don't worry...you'll get used to it! :tisk-tisk:

:thumbsupanim Happy Birthday Frank!!! :thumbsupanimI got some Anesette curing in my liquor cabinet with your name on it Frankie, I'll bring it up next time!

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