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I can't make out what is engraved inside the ring from the picture, I think I'm seeing "K, G or C, B", the other mark I can't make out at all, can you tell us what you think is says?

Old European gold purity and maker's marks are totally different than what we see on modern jewelry, which maybe what you have there, I can do some research on the marks if you can make them out.

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Here are pictures you can look at the image and markings more closely. On the front is a head and a hand. It looks Asian in some way to me. Now the markings on the back ... KOM(N), 916, KGB would be the mark at the bottom.


This ring was found on an area of the beach where it could have been a recent loss when the tide was high. It was not that deep but it could also have been washed up from long ago also but I have not cleaned it. It is as is.

The character on the front maybe has a garment around his head and it could be a sceptre rather than a hand ...

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I had searched on 916 and didn't come up with that match. When they stamped it part of the gold didn't stay in place so it is kinda hard to read but thanks for letting me know what it is.

Now I want to know who that 'character' is.


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