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Hey, it was opening day of dove season today. I bet a bunch of guys here were raised shooting birds in a desert sunset!

My son and I went with a couple of his friends and really tore them op. We saw four rattlers too. What a hoot!

They flew in small groups and pairs and we all had limits and were cleaning out the birds by 6:00. As we were working the sky just turned black with them. I can't recall ever seeing so many dove in the air.

There is not a. shotgun shell. for sale in Las Cruces. There have been guys carrying it out of Wal Mart for three days. The river sounds like a war zone!

What a hoot! The first night was great and we have a bunch of guys lined up to go out tomorrow evenimg and tear it up again.

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Not seen any Shot shell for quite a while here in Deming. Back when I use to love dove hunting. Always coming in sets of three or two birds heading for water.

Snuggle up under a tree in your chair and like clock work they would come in every 15 or 20 minutes. Lost my taste for them now. No matter how I cook them they have a weird taste that's just not good for me any more.

This is a True BS Story! When in Turkey with my Dad, we would take about four people out hunting dove. At the time a Foreigner could own and use a Shot Gun. This is No BS, We would fill three Ice Chest with Dove Breast using the Thumb Technique to the top. My guess is we had at least A few hundred breast there on Ice. In a 5 hour day of hunting the chest would be full and back to Incirlik Air Base we went.

We gave them to the Mess Hall and it was a special day the Next day.. People would line up down the Side walk to get in on that one. Dove, Cooke with Orange Sauce, Mashed Reconstituted Potatoes, Carrots, Corn Bread. Not your normal Military Affair!

What was the Weird part was when the Turks seen you shooting Doves, One or Two would Join you. They would never shoot the Dove. They like the Starlings. Lets see if I can do this Right Chock Fauna! Dove was bad and Staring's Tastie. We had Browning Semi's and they had Black Powder Some of he guy we had with us couldn't buy Precision Caps for there Black Powder shot guns. They figured out they could use the White bit of the Matches. Credit Given! They would go off two out of three shots. It dependent on how you Busted off the White Bit and put it on the Hammer. Yea, you put it on the hammer not the Nipple.

Now this was the Cool Part the we never did Figure out. When the Turks wanted to join you in the hunt, they would show up with a Ice Cold Water Mellon while it was 120F or more out side. They had no Electric, No Ice, No Nothing. That melon would be so cold it hurt your teeth.

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Now that was a great story Homefire!

I love to hunt them. They are good but not my favorite.

We filet the two halves of breast after the "thumb techniqe" and do them several ways. Fried in butter with sautee onions are pretty good. Battered and deep fried ain't bad. Wrapped in a bit of bacon skewered with jalapenos and pineapple are fun.

I admit that I only clean and eat them because I like shooting them so much. The time of year is spectacular in the desert. Plenty of shooting. And when you connect and crumple one up with a shot as he is flying 75 mph it is a great big hoot! More fun than shooting a squirrel and watching him tumble out of a big ponderosa!

Big game is cool and it is enjoyable for different reasons. But dove is the relaxing gentlemans sport. Like a good cigar you just savor those bright orange evenings.

Up north where I lived for eight years the bird hunting sucked. Man what a welcome home to spend these days busting dove with my kiddo!!

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My six year old boy and friends had a great first couple days of dove hunting. We all limited out and my boy had a great time dispatching all our wounded birds with his BB gun. He must have had at least a dozen head shots - great marksman already! Looking forward to the future years when he can handle a shotgun.


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They do have a rich taste like liver! That is how we got started fixing them with sauteed onions.

A big storm across the valley last night...they were flying zig zags and going 90 mph with a tailwind. The sky was some fantastic colored mirage of blue and yellow againnst an enndless ocean of huge pecan trees.

The dove were bullets skimming ten feet off the ground or sattellites flying up with the geese. I shot until my shoulder was blue to get my limit.

What a place we live in boys...a fantastic landscape painted in wild colors. The air is some crazy perfume, the earth is some undulating giant and the water has gone to some other planet to stay for a million years.

Just freaking awesome time of the year.

You can absolutely TASTE the progression of seasons.

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I use to eat quail when i was young but don't remember if they are grainy too...help me out Bob.

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Quail taste a lot like little turkeys. The breast is white meat. Excellent eating! Quail and blue grouse are some of the finest fowl out there.

Dove are dark and a bit strong.

A lot of people get used to certain market meats and the rest tastes funny to them. And Americans are about the only folk that eat cooked meat as a main course. If you fix the meat in a dish rather than eat it as a hunk those strange tastes make for wonderful flavor.

So whenever someone tells me they don't care for whatever wild game they are usually saying that they tried to cook and eat it like chicken or beef...and it was not good.

There are ways the natives can cook goat and make your mouth water. So if a guy gets creative in the kitchen all game has a place at the table.

...dove are shot and generally sit a couple of hours in a bucket before they are ripped apart by force. That alone will make meat strong. So not only the cook, but the hunter determines what the meat tastes like. Just some food for thought.

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The lead bird shot gives it a uniqe texture also! :)
Been there, done that.

Tom H.

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The pieces of shot are generally down next to the bone. If you fillet the two halves off the breast bone before you cook them you will be able to remove any birdshot easily. If there is one in the little slices of meat you can feel it with your fingers right away.

I make quail in a crock pot with vegetables. The shot cooks out and sinks to the bottom of the pot. That last bowl is dangerous. Started running it over a sluice box before I ate it.

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Never had a Problem with Shot. I always found it before I cooked the Meat.

If you gotta run the soup over the long tom to get the shot out of it you may as well run the detector over your breasts before you toss them in the skillet.

Can we talk about running a detector over our breasts here?

I am going to set the little Falcon detector on the table next to the salt and pepper just to make sure I got it all...

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Man what a hunt. My son dropped every bird he shot at and I could not hit a turd filled with birdshot. I laid my gun down after firing fourty shots and only connecting eight times. I decided to just take photos of the mountains and rattlesnakes.

He wound up shooting a whole bunch of birds and bragging about it all evening. He was really rubbing it in. What he did not realize was that I kept stealing birds from his bucket and putting them in mine. At one point he counted his birds and could not figure out why he only had nine. He was so busy shooting he never thought about it too much.

By the end of the evening he finally had his limit in his bucket. He was fixing to start bragging and he asked me how many I had. I dumped my bucket and counted to fourteen. He had only bested me by one bird so he kept from rubbing it in too bad.

We were all the way back to the house before I told him he had shot 22birds and I had stolen seven out of his bucket....

Good times. What a hoot! We have plenty for a big feed on Friday evening!

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