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Wth the temperatures going down to the 90's I decided to go from river panning and sniping back to swinging my 4500. On Saturday all I found was 53 trash items and some bullets. Today I went to the same location and within 30 minutes I got a loud hum on the 4500...after a minute I dug a black powder ball shot down a few inches. Those sound off so nice, but oh well ..you move on in the hopes the next target is gold. As I was crawling on all fours through the brush I made sure I swept the coil in ever spot it could fit. I choose the Commander 10x5 dd coil because of its size I was able to just sit in one spot and just scan around the bushes and rocks, when done scanning i would crawl to another spot and do the same. After about an hour my 4500 sounded off on a target, digging down about 5 inches this 2.5 gram long nugget saw day light !! For the next three hours I crawled between manzanita trees and detected, but no other nuggets for this day.



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