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Date Creek crystals questions

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I have read about the crystals and what you can find and the location....in reality, what do I need to bring to the site to find the crystals, tool wise anyways....? Are there crystals beyond the areas in the books? If so, can anyone give me a hint? I was going to go to payson tomorrow, but the traffic will be just awful going back to phoenix and I just don't want to deal with the mess. I will be bringing my 14 year old and his caregiver ( he has autism) to get them in on the action too.....my son seems to like all the little road trips I bring him on... Thankfully...:-)

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I have always just brought a rock hammer and a small garden spade. The crystals I have found were on the surface. I once found a thumb-sized specimen on the surface and used the rock hammer to scratch the ground at that location and brought quite a few samples up from about 6 inches down.

I wouldnt know where to dig randomly but there are alot of holes where other people did.

Bring water.

Good luck!

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sarahrose ,

When pulling up to the general area, there will be a very low hill on your right shaped like a dome. Its about a fifty yards off the road. It is on this low hill that most of the crystal digging takes place and there are many more to be found. Crystals can be found on the opposite side ( left) as well, and you will see digs over there too. I always bring a good pick and a shovel to backfill holes. Dig in the soil to find crystals. They are scattered all over in the decomposed hill.

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Went to DC today with family.....not too impressed with the crystals we found....they are ok, but maybe I was just not finding them...I know I was in the right area..the ground is littered with them and its a bit overwhelming. The Joshua trees are very pretty, and the mountains are breathtaking...although some shade trees would have been nice...I think that's why I am so drawn to Payson...I love the pine and oak trees! I didn't even really dig, I just poked around some of the holes that were already there and found some that were fairly clear and terminated at least on one end...all in all it was a great day, but I think I prefer the Payson crystals a bit more...not that Ill never go again, when it snows in Payson I will not go there...Date Creek is a great second option.

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Date Creek hosts fine examples of scepter quartz which is what most serious collectors go there for. In order to procure any good crystals, digging big holes is a must. Hard work for sure, but if you hit a pocket of good ones, the pain from digging go`s away. I like it there because I can not get lost in the pine trees :tisk-tisk:

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