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Dredging Ban Not Lifted


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The California dredging ban has not been lifted. It seems that one of the primary reasons was because so many dredgers were said to be 'recreational' in nature rather than real miners. As a member of PLP I think we need to take to heart and paper this information when it comes to filling out forms in the future. Even tho we may not be making the money we want now in prospecting we are miners (under the law) and we should never use the word hobby or recreational hunter. We all hold out the idea that one day we are going to find an amount of gold that will change our lives and be worthy of all of our efforts until that time. Here is the story:


Please join PLP if you are not a member.


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AS YE SOW--SO SHALL YE REAP--learn from kalif ignorance as the environutz are coming to your state next.Just ask Oregon and Idaho. I've said it a 1,000 times--as a PROSPECTOR you are covered by the 1872 mining laws--as a MINER you are covered by the 1872 mining laws -as a recreationalist ya ain't got SQUAT for protection from nobody,nuttn' and a nohow either but jus' like dredgn' it's all blown' n'the wind now :Just_Cuz_06: . I'd rather masticate fesces and expire than give them dogs at PLOP a friggn' cent. As recorded in 1994 PROFESSIONAL DREDGE COMMITTEE MEETINGS- we don't need a permanent miners committee of full time miners as you have PLOP to protect your rights-what a flop as all lost forevermore sayeth the craven raven-John :2mo5pow:

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