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Interesting video.....


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Just tossing them up out of that hole huh? That hole is way to deep to be safe and there is way too much gold and too many people involved. I bet the campfire is as risky as the diggins. Betcha that crew gets thinned out a bit before payday rolls around.

Dig that crazy Zimbabwe jive speak.

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Yeah...Chris and I dug a hole about like that one last week but the chunks that we were tossin up out of the hole were a wee bit smaller.

I was standing on the edge of the hole yellin about cash money until my throat was sore, so I guess in a relative way there are similarities.

When I am mining it is the zim Bob way or the zim highway. I figure that it is probably the same over there too.

I suppose the video is like one of my old digs viewed in a carnival mirror while drinking cactus juice....except in Africa.

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There was at least 15 people working that hole. Most on top as they Through up the Chunks of Gold laden Granit. Emmmm All that Gold. Excavator Rental. The Royal Fifth to the War Lords. Don't recon I would want to be one of the ones that was in the hole when they back fill it. Just think of the Shares could divide. Five or Seven in the Hole would be big Money.

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The guy digging with the pick into the side of that pit is going to be the first one buried if it hasn't already caved in on him, why they just didn't bring the excavator over and scoop into that side is beyond me, I guess they are planning on cutting down on the number of shares from the looks of the video!!!

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