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Rim don't you live close to or in town? Hit the oldest part of the school ground....go to the local cemetery and beep under the shade trees where they used to have lunch on the ground back in the 20's-30's-40's-50's-60's.....just be sure to stay away from the graves. Go to the local ball field....are the bleachers wood or metal....take a rake and rake out the trash and beep away....beep in front of the concession stand....any old drive-in theatres in your area? Any churches where they had revival meetings in the hot summer? Any Indian pow-wow's ever held in your area? Old country stores that are no longer there?

If you can find someone older than you, living, ask them about circus's that used to come to town. Catholic school always for years have had big parties and picnic's on their grounds....through the years I've hunted several of those and always get permission and I was never turned down.

Do you have any small towns in your area that had/have a railroad going through town? Back years ago the circus would ride the train and pitch their tents just off the side of the RR tracks.

Rodeo grounds....check under the bleachers and in front of the concession stand and the parking lot.

Any old bloody bucket bars in the past or ones still going? Parking lots there are good, go in the day time, at night you'll get your azz kicked

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haha Don..No i'm in boonies but close to some small towns. I just hate getting permits for anything, but i'll check it out and see. Thanks for the reminder.

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Thank's Bill! I got faith in the machine. I like the all metal A2 selection it has supposedly better separation. All i know is the dime i found had a good ID...but if there are any nickle plated items or large chunks of alluminum around it will give it fits...lol

If i put the coil real close to the ground and here ring, ring, it's overloaded on a large object like a can. I like that aspect too.

I just need cleaner ground...: (

But this place i bet, would even challenge the 3030. Man there's a lot of trash...

Man i'm glad i got a light machine....i'm so outa shape... :idunno:

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Don since I had the stroke i got major right shoulder problems (very painful)...i can only swing for like an hour...maybe 1 1/2 hours if i swing right and left...lol

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Hi Rimmy.

Got any rodeo or fairgrounds nearby? Those are good places to hunt for coins and what-not. Look around where the bleachers and rides setup.

I remove the JINX! Now get out there! Good Luck!

For your shoulder, look on the internet for "the HIP STICK". Karl Farris told me about it and he swears by it. He can swing for hours using it. (That might have come out a little wrong. Sorry Karl)



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Update: 19 days have gone by and still only a dime but I haven't ventured off to do some hunting in clean area yet...and I must admit I haven't hunted every day because I was getting burned out.

I continue to get beeps showing dime,quarter, and 50 cents but only find aluminum for the most part. Iron is dead on. What gets me is there is alum on the display but it don't show alum till you get it out of the ground. Personally I think they have their bells and whistles mixed up...and the overload is dead on usually meaning a can or large piece of tin.

But it's mind boggling how deep this detector can go. Up to 2 ft. deep on a large metal object but i'm NOT going to dig all of them...lol

In all metal, in discriminate, it's the same problem. Notch same problem. Not only does it show it's a dime but it shows the tid being a dime. Do ya'll have detectors that fool you too? Tells you it's a quarter but when you dig it's aluminum.

I have to find a way to fool this sucker into showing me what's really down there....haha!

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Hey Rim...

A detector can't tell if it is a dime or another piece of non ferrous of about that size. Remember our discussion on meters???

Instead of dime-nickel-quarter think of it as low-med-high. The meter is just a scale. Not a positive identifier.

Just like a nugget patch a good sopt for treasure is. a tough find. I like dry riverbeds below bridges, plowed fields and the low spot around a carousel...

Think about how people lose stuff...

You will find more good treasure where people are having sex than anywhere else. Earrings, pocket knives,wedding bands and a ton of pocket change.

It is simple when you start getting the hang of it. Try to get under old bleachers or where bleachers once stood. In a spot where a carnival sets up. An old drive in theater lot. Any area around a church.

...think about it a bit. Old homesteads have lots of trash and very little treasure. Other places are much richer in treasure. You gotta fish in the pond where the crappies are biting....

My first treasure hunt was under the bleachers at the rodeo when I was about 7. I found probably ten dollars in change. I went under the bleachers at the baseball games too. We could always come home with a few bucks just dropped out of pockets.

When a man reaches into his pocket for keys he looses change. Any doorstep or parking lot will have coins to beep. Any motel lanscaping boxes have interesting treasure as well as behind the mall where they dump the sweeping machine.

So there are my suggestions. If it goes "beep" dig it up and put a big yellow happy face sticker over the meter. Hunt in a spot where people have sex, wear jewelry or reach in their pockets.

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I guess I look at it differently. I agree with where to look but don't agree with your thinking on meters. The identity should count for something and the TID numbers shouldn't lie. I just think they overloaded the boat in a cheap package but I liked the design because it's built like a gold bug pro. $279 is cheap and I don't expect perfection but I do expect at least one of the two identifiers to be correct Bob.

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Well glory be...i guess all it needed was a tongue lashing...hehe!! Todays finds. No silver, 1976, 1987, and 2002 dimes. And i guess some kind of decoration. Best day yet. Approx. 2 hrs.


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lol I wasn't thinking positive then...my bad...Hey I noticed something too. The battery was 1/3 so I replaced the battery and it showed 3/3. Hmmm, so I checked the battery I took out with a VM and it measured 13 volt. These are 9 volt batteries. So I think i'll put the 1st battery back in and see what happens. I sure do like the battery compartment. You just slip it in like you do aa batteries. No fumbling with those 2 little wires.

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