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The new revolution technologie for paning GOLDENBOY


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Looks like a combo of kitchen sinks from around the world...but I'm sure there' 200 newbees out there who will have to have this "revolution" in "paning"... (is that like panning?)...cheers, Unc

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Anyone else smell spam? :89:


It maybe spam, but as of yet no rules have been broken concerning posting spam, e.g. no external link/s to a sales site,etc.

A Youtube video was posted but even it doesn't have a link to a sales site.

As of yet no harm in mentioning a new pan design by this new member.

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New styles of pans are always neat to see.

I kina like that flat white one at the first of the video.

I always tinkered with the idea of a dry panning tray. Then I found the riffle tray on the puffer was perfect.

I don't see where this one is any different than the rest. It is way too small IMHO.

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This pan give me a friend from Germany.I was test him and anything was missed.Very quickly leads to the black sand.In the pan stay and the micron gold.Really it is strange to work with him after he used a round pans.This weekend I will test it again

and released a video how it works.

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Posting once every two years about a new fangled pan. That answers a few questions.

"The more they overtake the plumbing the easier it is to stop up the drain." Scotty

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