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Comet Killed Clovis People in North America

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A comet DID wipe out first North American prehistoric humans: Ice core data suggests a cosmic impact killed off Clovis people


Just a bit of interesting history.


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The platinum was ablated from the nose cone of a giant mothership that took Clovis man to a planet in the galaxy Alpha Centari.

They say that impact has been linked to several extinction events as well as other big changes in our planet. I think Clovis man may have suffered from the result of the change brought about by an impact. The rest is kinda shaky science IMHO

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Most claims like this are here today and gone tomorrow. Seems like comets are getting blamed for everything these days. Ideas like this always come in with a bang and die with barely a whimper. Why only Clovis people? There were plenty of other people around nearby. What about animals? Were the Clovi late with the rent, behind in the mortgage? Driven to eviction.

Sorry. Just grumpy today I guess.



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