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Its a shame but I'm afraid that Idaho,Utah,Wyoming,Oklahoma and Texas will soon follow suit.

Hard to believe Montana did this, but Montana has followed that idiot newspaper in New York and released a map of the location of all gun owners in the state.

Their locations are marked in red


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What paper did this, haven't heard anything about it at this point. The AP had requested the list but the Attorney General refused.

At this point from what I can find the list has not been published.

Allen I think this was a tongue in cheek editorial since most folks in those states own guns....

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i think if you word it carefully enough to the newspaper editor in new york then they will demand that the politicians all get together and pass a law saying that all of the people in the town who do not have a gun must put a sign in the front window stateing clearly that there are no guns on the premises and in the event of any emergency they will call 911 and hope for the best

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Baiting like in ... Fishing for Crappies perhaps ... or Fishing for Cat 'Burglar' Fish ... perhaps!? Too early in the morning perhaps! It was funny in my mind ... maybe not so much written out! :)

Mike F

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