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Still can't do the use "View New Content"

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OK, so I did all the things every one suggested, which was clean my cache and erase my history, and managed to lose all my pass words and user names to every single site I've ever used, so many or actually all, of them are none functional now ...No prob on Rob's and Chris's sites... But when I get on Nuggetshooter and try "view new content" I get the message, "no new content" ... This has gone on for several months now and I've tried every angle I could think of ... Bummed ... Unc

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Just curious unc, what you see here?


Do you have the two items on check marked an left side of this picture?

Or try this link and see if new content works. If it does delete the old link.



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Hi Unc.

On the left side of your New Content page you'll see you can change how you view new content by selecting a different `By Content Type`, or `By time period`, or `Other`. Try fiddling with these to see if you can see any new content in any area.

The three choices are in Rimshots attached image. (Sorry Rimshot. The image wasn't there when I started my post. )

Let us know if this makes any difference.


BTW Unc, I sent you a PM regarding a map I am interested in. Thanks.

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Hey Sag... It worked when I unchecked the bottom purple bar on the left... As usual with just about every problem in life, "Operator Error" was heavily involved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Usually even those involving ex-wives!!! :arrowheadsmiley: Thanks .... I'll check PM re map ... Cheers, Unc

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