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Geology question for Jim Straight and ???


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Looking at the

Bradshaw Mountains folio, Arizona 1905


Using picture from lowest left corner-

All things being equal, where would you go to prospect?

Igneous rocks (all Tertiary):




Volcanic agglomerate

Rhyolite tuff


Probably Algonkian:

Acid dikes

Basic dikes




Bradshaw granite

Crooks complex (irregular bands of diorite, granite, aplite and

Schist, some breccia) – Metamorphic

Yavapai schist- Algonkian

Alluvium- Quatenary

I've been going out to the GPAA claims on the western part of

Soap Creek area and wonder if it is the right place.

Thank you.

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David ... Go where they found gold in the old days ... just be aware there are a lot of claims ... marked and unmarked ... in the Bradshaw's ... do your research carefully ... maybe even try looking at some software like Footprints.

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I am partial to nephelene syenite with a twist of yttrium. It makes my fur shiny and keeps the sweat bees from biting my elbows.

That is a heck of a geological laundry list. I am no expert and I don't know the area but a scholarly paper written on the area will narrow it down a bunch.

Then which way the placer went and what type of geology it is hiding in can be a whole different ball game.

Look where there has been placer diggins before. Geology can mean a whole lot less to a fellow learning an area than evidence of prior work. Just my two sheckles.

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