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A new friend of ours on the forum, Devilish Jim, is having cancer surgery very soon. It's one of those surgeries where they "hope" they can cut it all out.

Let's show him how we cover each others back.

Patrick .....

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Will definently be praying for him Patrick.

Tom H.

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Thank You everyone... I was just so lucky that the PET/CT scan showed that it hadnt spread out of my mouth.. So they do surgery in my mouth on the 26th 3rd I go back in for post-op 4th I go back out and pick up nuggets :yesss:

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Holy Cow, Jim ... I had no idea ... our prayers around you for successful treatment and quick healing ... New maps coming to you ... Cheers, Unc

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Aloha Jim, Payers have been sent your way for a speedy AND full recovery. You might want to start a nutritional plan and give your body a chance to help you to heal itself. Science is great but your body knows what is should do to heal itself. Give it all the help it needs and you will be rewarded with many years of beeping and swinging.

Aloha and God bless,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Hey thanks to all of you I had this same thing back in the 90s and then in 2005 I got bladder cancer so they pulled my bladder out and being as they must have been slow that day they yanked out my prostrate too ( Now that got close to my heart ) So I quit drinkin, Man did my body go through an adjustment there !!! Then I quit smokin after my bladder got yanked.

Nope No Way I am NOT giving up my meat and potatoes

The lucky part is that these sores in my mouth have been bothering me for three years and I told my Doc this in CA and he said all was good.. Now I'm in AZ and got some serious very super fast action I'm talking next day stuff I never seen a system move so fast !!!

The lucky part is that it didnt spread through me, So I think the man upstairs was listenin , gonna keep me around to show you slackers how to find GOLD..

Take Patrick for instance, I bet his beepers still in the box :zzzzz::4chsmu1:

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