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Smelting gold

El Dorado

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As some of you are aware, I use raw gold to make my jewelry. In order to use it and get a quality product I need to smelt the gold. I have been using my electric kiln for this. I never did like it because it took an hour or more to get up to 1950 degrees. Not only did it turn my studio into a sauna, but I am sure is cost a pretty penny and was tough on the kiln. Not to mention I wanted to get over 2000*. So I showed a picture to my buddy Klunker and he said he could make what was in the picture. He is a master metal fabricator and he's the coolest shop a guy could ever want.

I got it home and at first thought it was not going to work, tried many combinations and went through 4 bottles of Mapp gas and it did not get hot enough. Well, thanks to Majuba Tom's suggestions from his experience in working at a foundry, I hit the right combination of insulation.

I fired it up today with 1 1/4 oz of oro. It only took 15 minutes to get white hot and another 15 minutes at that temp and I had my best smelt ever! 37.1 grams of solid 22+K gold. 22K acid did not even touch it.

I am one very happy camper and no longer need to waste $$. and turn the studio into a sauna. Not to mention it is portable.

Thank you Klunker!




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Cool Steve! If you have not smelted the one button of mine (you already smelted the other one), I would like to see the process. At some point I need to get up there so we can finish that project. Working 7 days a week 12 hours a day for a couple more weeks then have some free time to come up and hang out. Maybe even get in a little bit of prospecting time together.

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